Like most of us, #JUICEBAE owner Racquel experienced years of low energy, digestive issues, mental fog, headaches, bloating (and more!) and just wanted to feel better. Having been introduced by her mother to a Holistic approach to health and wellness at a young age, she finally made the connection that the food choices she was making had a direct impact on how bad she felt. Instead of continuing to consume inflammatory, nutrient depleted foods Racquel became very intentional about what she consumed and began her journey to improving her own health.

Forced to discontinue offering natural haircare services with the closure of her salon during the pandemic, Racquel welcomed the opportunity to create an approachable health centered brand. A brand that reflects the intentional choices she makes for her life while providing others with a one stop shop for their own wellness needs. In September 2020 #JUICEBAE opened its doors as a “grab and go” concept in Culver City. Today #JUICEBAE operates as a cafe near LAX in Los Angeles.

For people that are trying to improve their health and enjoy the taste of unique and exotic juice blends #JUICEBAE offers a grab and go selection of cold pressed juices alongside meal replacement smoothies, and a full line of thoughtfully crafted herbal and nutritional supplements. At the #JUICEBAE cafe in Los Angeles you can also find a delicious 100% vegan dine-in menu and "grab and go" meals powered by partners Beyond Vegan. We hope to see you soon!